Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Last Clip of SICP Video

This morning, I finished watching SICP video lectures with my tiny Dopod 838 QVGA screen when commuting on company shuttle bus. As I have pointed out in previous post, learning such a mind-expanding book has never been such a pleasure with the aid of videos.

When watching the video, one may have already noticed at the beginning that the atmosphere was somehow different, with Abelson wearing a foolscap and almost everybody wearing sunglasses. In this very last clip, after Sussman explained the simple-but-very-effective Minsky garbage collector and discussed the halting problem, the usual Q&A section started. The last tricky question was Is this the last question?, and Sussman replied Apparently yes after a long pause. And the lecture just closed here, with every student (actually HP employees) getting a close-up.

I just studied the lectures along with them, learned a lot of things, and was delighted and blown away many times. The video was taken in July 1986, when I had no idea of what computer is. It's interesting that I managed to learn things together with them. Although I have not really dived into the books and the exercises, I'm sure I will do so quite soon, at least to meet the authors again during reading.

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