Thursday, January 17, 2008

Reading List

My previous post discussed my thoughts on how to read programming books, here comes my reading list of programming/computer science books. The books I have completed reading after this post are listed for each year, afterwards come the books I am reading and those I plan to read (all books I have completed before this post is not listed here). Note that this is a living document.


To Read

Update (2008-8-18): started to add books other than CS/programming, e.g. mathematics, physics, literature, communications.

Update (2009-2-25): replaced table format with lists (lists with year heading consists books completed in that year), partly because lists are easier to update, but mainly because that I tend to sneak more books into reading queue when no free "slots" available, which makes the table format itself somehow "cheating".

Update (2009-3-13): started to use Amazon widget; correct the 1st paragraph to reflect the status of reading.

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