Saturday, March 13, 2010

My List of Android Apps

I have been using HTC magic for 5 months. Although apps installed on top of cyanogenmod change week by week (if not day by day), I'd like to take a snapshot as shown below.

  • 3banana: take quick notes. I sometimes use it to draft tweets which are sent out later when network connection is available.
  • Aldiko: ebook reader (specifically, an ePub reader). The builtin support of Feedbook catalog is fantastic.
  • Amazon: for quick lookup of prices.
  • APNdroid: control GPRS/EDGE/3G traffic.
  • ASTRO: file manager. Can also manage apps, show SD card usage, and display running processes/services.
  • Barcode Scanner: scan various codes. Good to scan QR code in Web to install apps.
  • Battery Monitor: show remaining battery percentage in notification area.
  • Bible KJV: the Bible.
  • CalWidget: highly customizable calendar widget. I just places one 4x4 widget at my left home screen. Much better than default widget.
  • Cavedroid: one addictive small 3D game.
  • EasyMoney: financial status manager.
  • FlipSilent: simply flip your phone to mute all sounds.
  • Google Pinyin: input method for Chinese.
  • Google Sky Map: cool app to view stars.
  • Google Voice: free SMS (English text only to non-GV users).
  • GPS Status: show GPS information as well as a compass.
  • handyCalc: a very powerful calculator. Serve as unit/currency converter as well.
  • HiDict: support offline dictionary.
  • iReader: I mainly use it to read transcripts (plain text format) of Tell Me More from NPR News.
  • Kids Paint: free drawing on screen. My daughter likes it.
  • Listen: podcast client. Integrate subscriptions with Google Reader now.
  • MarketEnabler: for rooted phone only. Useful for purchasing apps when your country is not in official support list.
  • My Tracks: I mainly use it for geotagging now.
  • NetCounter: look up data plan consumption instantly.
  • NewsRob: two-way synchronization with Google Reader. Grab contents for offline consumptions.
  • Places Directory: convenient to search nearby restaurants, banks etc.
  • Real Blackjack: try this one if you want to practice card counting...
  • RMaps: view maps offline.
  • Secrets: store your various passwords, account information here. Have strong security protection.
  • Shopper: shopping program from Google.
  • Shuffle: GTD tool.
  • Sipdroid: SIP client. Can be combined with Google Voice for free calls to US numbers.
  • SpacePhysics: challenging 2D physics game.
  • Swype: fantastic English input method.
  • Twidroid: Twitter client. Supports proxy API.
  • World Weather Clock: I now place two widgets on my home screen: one for home city, another for the destination I'm going to travel.

There are many cool apps that I installed and uninstalled later, because I seldom used them although they are awesome. For example, Layar, Shazam and Google Goggles are just some of them.

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